Reincarnation Facts

Monday, September 11, 2006

Reincarnation Facts as I know them.

by Norma Holt
Read how my Secret was Exposed but Not by Me

Full memory of reincarnation and of passing through the between life stage, where I received visions of this life to come, propelled me on to find answers to why people believe what they do and why the Spirit of the Universe is denied. At 45 years old, the time shown to me prior to this life, I was called by the Spirit to work only in this area. It was then that a long road of research and discovery began.

My reincarnation is described in detail on the website and I cannot forget the wonderful experience of leaving this life and all its problems behind me. Nor can I pass up the opportunity of explaining the wonderful feelings of 'being home' in the spirit and with the Spirit of the Unievrse of which I am a part.

The warmth, love, joy, passion and sense of fulfillment that one gets in that drift away from humanity is indescribable. It does not matter what you did in life, how much you were worth, how long you lived, or how many friends or enemies you made there is one basic truth about it that surpasses all others. You are only what you are and when your time comes you are nothing on earth but everything in the Spirit. There you want for nothing, have nothing, desire nothing, and know nothing apart from what is immediately important.

In life we struggle to ensure we leave behind legacies for others to measure us by. The facts are that none of that matters for without the body no one knows who or what you were or what you achieved or anything else about you. There is no judgement and no wealth in this experience, just an awareness and possibly a return to life in another body, perhaps another sex, and certainly another mother.

You may return to the same family and even be your own grandchild. You may also have the same siblings as in a previous life, renew the ties to now older relatives and carry burdens you cannot explain. That is why many seek to regress to past lives in order to establish what is driving them in this one.

While in that between life state I was given visions of things in this life to come. They prepared me for the commissions I would receive when I reached the age shown to me at that time.

With several commissions now given to me by the Spirit and led to a healing ministry and counselling of people seeking help in this area many are instantly healed of conditions ranging from cancer, broken bones, and so on, to alcoholism, depression and even suicidal tendencies. Most feel the Spirit through me when I talk and many have realised that God has been tapping them on the shoulder for many years. A few testimonies are on my sites but generally I prefer not to talk about them as they are private and all my counselling is done on a strictly confidential basis.

Many people overseas are healed and come to the Spirit through my efforts and by their willingness to search for the truth. Many more are pleased that I am openly talking about a subject largely taboo in society. For that reason I have extended my counselling and healing sessions to the Internet where I can conduct them through my synergy room speaking one on one.

Because of my memory and the fact that until 8 years old I had a different language to preserve it with my account of the experience of dying, passing through the after-life, and of being reborn again into a different body is fascinating to many who have not heard it spoken of in this way. Yes, I had a different language to parents and siblings and kept an accent well into my twenties. Even today people claim I do not have an Australian accent and they cannot tell what part of the world I am from by hearing me speak.

Having completed a university degree to support and verify things shown to me through visions, and then writing books to explain it, only recently have I conquered the Internet and built my sites to put this message out there. Now I have the ability to conduct conferences, courses, and healing online through the technology that I now subscribe to. Prior to that I gave courses and held healing sessions and counselling in my home.

My time is God's time and I am available for assistance whenever suitable times can be established.Click here to go to site and read Norma's full story